Water Expert Ltd. is engaged  from 1997 for Solution drinking water  treatment problems. 

Fields of activity: 

  • drinking water filters sales 
  • construction of water purification plants 
  • boiler water chemicals sales 
  • the softener sales and installation. 
  • technological preparation of water production 
  • sale and installation of membrane filters 
  • water analysis test kits sales
  • filter media sales 
  • filter components and spare parts sales (Clark, Autotrol, Fleck, Pentair ...)

In the present study the best sustainable technologies and environmentally friendly materials, to solve various problems of water quality in compliance with the applicable requirements and customer wishes. 

19 years of operation, we have built a municipal water purifiers for water supply, boiler-houses and manufacturing purposes. 

In order to ensure flawless functioning of the majority of customers on long-term maintenance contracts. 

We are constantly working to stay competitive development activities - periodic visits to professional fairs around the world - AQUATECH USA, CHINA, AMSDERDAM - and to enter into direct contact with prospective suppliers.